Ariel Kaitlin Photography - Headshot Session

My Background

I’m a scientist turned photographer - no, really! I’ve ALWAYS been passionate about science and was convinced I would go to med school. I quickly realized that was not the route for me when I didn’t even want to study for the MCAT (hahahahaha) and so I took that passion and work in labs instead! While in school for my B.S. in Biology though I started taking photos and fell in love with photographing weddings. So after putting that degree to use for a few years working with viruses and RNA, I decided to start this business and I haven’t looked back! I still love biology (I own 5 board games that are strictly science themed) but working with couples brings me so much more joy and I'm lucky to have this be my full-time job now!

My Partner

Hi, I'm Alex! To sum it up in a single word, I'm Ariel's "partner"... in business and in life. I'm the second shooter, website runner, and all-around technical guru! Truthfully, I joined Ariel in photographing weddings so I could see her more when she was working the 2 job hustle lifestyle. From my humble start, I've become Ariel's trusty sidekick now for over 5 years and I greatly enjoy helping her achieve her dreams... and eating a lot of cake!

Ariel Kaitlin Photography - Headshot Session
my philosophy

I believe marriage is a union between two equal partners choosing to stand by one another with love, respect, and support. Your wedding should represent the both of you and your relationship together so I focus on both partners to highlight your relationship.

And HELL YES we are LGBTQ+ inclusive!


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