If you've been following me lately then you know that I'm a fan of boudoir and in order to learn how to better serve my boudoir clients, I attended a boudoir workshop hosted by Sharon of Sharon Elizabeth Photography. I am all for continuing education as one journies through life and I definitely believe that you can ALWAYS learn something! Well, I knew I could learn a lot from Sharon who is a superb boudoir photographer located in Virginia and jumped at the opportunity to learn from her.

This workshop was INTENSE. It was an all day event that ended with 3 short boudoir sessions, each featuring a different take on boudoir: revealing, reserved, and maternity. Miss Taylor was our more revealing model with her lacey black outfit and y'all she absolutely KILLED this short session I had with her! I was all amped up from discussing boudoir earlier in the day so I hit as many different poses as I could think of in the short time frame we had from working with the different models. This room was just perfect and Taylor looked STUNNING.

Now this post is just about Miss Taylor, so be on the look-out for the other sessions I had at this workshop! All of these sessions turned out great!


Hosted By: Sharon Elizabeth Photography

Venue: Lynn Acres

Makeup: Kristine Marie Artistry

Hair: Hair By Kellen

Florals: Mann and Wife

Posted on Saturday, April 28th 2018

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