Caitlin + Andrew

We met up with Caitlin and Andrew in January for their FREEZING engagement session at West Point at Eno and the Tobacco District in Downtown Durham! No joke y'all, it was 30 degrees outside that day and we were all wearing as many layers as possible when we weren't photographing. We had to take short little breaks every now and again in order to warm back up! But these two handled it like pros and I don't think you can even see how absolutely chilly they were!

These two were so dang cute together throughout the session and Andrew has such a talent for making Caitlin laugh. And y'all I just about die everytime I look at these pictures and see how Andrew looks at Caitlin - seriously everyone deserves a partner who looks at them the way this man does at her! We had a lot of serious fun laughing and joking with these two and getting to know them at their session.

I serioulsy can't wait for their wedding this upcoming August at the Oaks at Salem! But for now, I'll just have to stare at this beautiful engagement session, but this time from the comfort of the warm spring weather currently going on!

Posted on Saturday, June 30th 2018

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