Avery + Jordan

We met with Avery and Jordan at the Raleigh Rose Garden and Little Theater for their engagement session at 10 in the morning - which is a highly unusual time for us to do an engagement session! We normally have engagement sessions start 2 hours before sunset but we already had another session planned for this same day. Luckily, Avery and Jordan were happy to do a morning session since they were going to be hanging out at a brewery that afternoon and the sky was overcast, giving us plenty of freedom with backdrops! After exploring the gardens for a bit we headed over to Market Street to get some urban scenery into their session.

Seriously y'all, they put up with my crazy antics and my inability to get their names 100% correct. We had a couple with a female Jordyn so for some reason my silly brain just was NOT cooperating with me and I kept wanting to call Avery by the incorrect name. These two handled it like pros the entire time, thankfully knwoing I wasn't doing it on purpose and that my brain just was not working that morning at all. Despite my name mishaps, we were still able to rock out their engagement session and get some genuinely awesome photos of them!

Avery and Jordan, we're so excited about your wedding this fall!!

Posted on Saturday, July 7th 2018

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