Megan + Brad

Megan and Brad had their engagements done at Yates Mill in Raleigh. We got out onto the rocks by the mill and found some awesome lighting for this beautiful couple. We walked around to the front of the mill, where the sun was shining through the trees and over the lake gorgeously! We just had to stop and work with that spot since the lighting was just too good to pass up. Alex loves to get shots where sun shines through from behind the couple (you can see one below) and they all pulled it off nicely with this session.

I gave Megan and Brad a quick rest and got some ring details as everyone else was walking back to the other side of the park. After that, Megan and Brad wanted to do some more "prop shots" and we got some cute shots of them on the bridge being overly adorable. From there, we ran across town to Dorothea Dix and got some shots of Megan and Brad with the downtown Raleigh skyline in the background (which turned out better than I was expecting)!

Upon concluding the session, and just as the sun was setting, we all sat down on the blanket and enjoyed the remainder of that bottle of wine together. Alex and I both really enjoyed working with this couple and we are so happy for them and their beautiful union to each other.

Historic Yates Mill County Park
Dorothea Dix Park

As a side note, as of this post being published, Megan and Brad are actually already married (we're so behind on blog posts!). You can look forward to the post of their wedding day coming out later this year (assuming we keep up on the backlog on posts that haven't been done yet).

Posted on Saturday, July 28th 2018

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